Abstract submission

Abstract submission is now closed

Welcome to the abstract submitting process for the 33rd IFSCC Congress, Barcelona, 4-7 September 2023. Participants are encouraged to submit an abstract for review by the Scientific Committee, which reserves the right to select the abstracts relevant to the Congress.

Before submitting your abstract, please read carefully the abstract submission regulations and guidelines. You will be able to update and/or make changes to your uploaded abstract until the submission deadline date.

If you have any questions, please contact the secretariat at congressbcn@atlanta.es


1st step

The presenting author has to be the one who submits the abstract and needs to be registered in the abstract submission platform.

Select «New author» and proceed with the registration.

2nd step

Once you have registered as a new author, please select «Submit abstract» and fill in all the blank spaces:

– Affiliation
– Author/s (Please consider Author·1 as the Presenter)
– Abstract information:

– Abstract type (Podium/Poster). If the abstract submitted for a Podium presentation does not qualify, it will be considered for a Poster presentation.
– Topic and Subtopic: select from the list the topic and subtopic that best fits your work.

Rethinking Beauty:

Connecting Beauty: Emotional Beauty & Neurocosmetics; AI & software tools.
Supporting Beauty: Innovative Analytic / Efficacy methodology; Claim Innovation & New Concepts; Latest functional ingredients and formulations.
Personalizing Beauty: News in Sensory Evaluation & Consumer Insights Science; Claim Innovation & New Concepts; Product Delivery & Personalization.

Rethinking Nature:

Inspired by Nature: Nature as a mentor; Green technologies; Biomimicry design; Biotechnologies; Symbiosis, Mutualism, Synergy.
Caring for Nature: Sustainable sourcing; Biodiversity preservation; Circular Economy; Eco-design, Carbon Capture, Water Management, Waste Management, and Energy Management; Animal Welfare.
Nature compliance: Global regulations & Compliance; SDGs Alignment; ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) & CSR (Social Responsibility Culture) strategies; Life Cycle Assessment; Human & environment safety; Memberships, Accreditations, Standards, and Certifications.

Rethinking Science:

Skin Science: Advances in molecular biology; Epigenetics; Skin Microbiome; Exposome-omics; Breakthrough mechanisms of action; Next generation of skin, mucosa, and oral care ingredients.
Hair science: Hair follicle biology; Hair growth; Insights into hair fiber structure; Scalp care; Next generation of hair care ingredients.
Science in testing: Molecular and Clinical testing for Claim Substantiation; New skin technologies for efficacy testing (3D bioprinting, skin models).

– Abstract title (max 25 words)
– Introduction (max 100 words)
– Methods (max 100 words)
– Results (max 150 words)
– Discussion and Conclusion (max 150 words)
– Keywords (3-5)

3rd step

Once completed, click on «Save», and you will receive an abstract submission ID via email. You will be able to edit and make changes to the abstract until you click «Submit» for the submission before the final deadline. Be aware that the abstract submission process is not finalized until you click on «Submit».

4th step

If the author fails to register to attend the Congress upon abstract approval, the Poster/Podium presentation will be removed from the program.


– Abstracts must be submitted in English and should have a minimum of 300 words but not exceed 500 words. Tables and figures can be included in the abstract only if they are essential to the understanding of the abstract.
– Abstracts describing work using experimentation on animals will be automatically rejected by the Scientific Program Committee.
– Abstracts should describe original scientific work and must not have been previously published, submitted for publication, or submitted to any other conference or congress.
– Abstracts must include the following:

1. Title (max. 25 words)
2. Authors and affiliation
3. Three to five keywords should be submitted for each abstract to aid the review process.
4. Introduction: Stating the purpose or aim of the paper
5. Methods
6. Results
7. Discussion and Conclusion

– Authors should use INCI names or IUPAC, U.S.P., N.F. names and avoid the use of any commercial or chemical trade names. The mentioning of equipment trade names is acceptable unless the intention of the presentation is to promote the use of said equipment.
– Authors of accepted abstracts must submit the full paper by the requested deadline. The manuscript should not exceed 5,000 words and can include illustrations, charts, and tables.
– At the time of the Congress, all scientific work in Podium presentations and Posters must be original scientific work and must not have been previously published nor submitted for publication or presented at any other conference or congress.
– Each author whose abstract is accepted is required to accept the copyright statement for both the abstract and the full paper.

If you have any problem submitting your abstract, please contact us at congressbcn@atlanta.es