Rethinking Beauty

  • Connecting Beauty: Emotional Beauty & Neurocosmetics; AI & software tools.
  • Supporting Beauty: Innovative Analytic/Efficacy methodology; Claim Innovation & New Concepts; Latest functional ingredients and formulations.
  • Personalizing Beauty: News in Sensory Evaluation & Consumer Insights Science; Claim Innovation & New Concepts; Product Delivery & Personalization

Rethinking Nature

  • Inspired by Nature: Nature as a mentor; Green technologies; Biomimicry design; Biotechnologies; Symbiosis, Mutualism, Synergy.
  • Caring for Nature: Sustainable sourcing; Biodiversity preservation; Circular Economy; Eco-design; Carbon Capture, Water Management, Waste Management and Energy Management; Animal Welfare.
  • Nature compliance: Global regulations & Compliance; SDGs Alignment; ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) & CSR (Social Responsibility Culture) strategies; Life Cycle Assessment; Human & environment safety; Memberships, Accreditations, Standards, and Certifications.

Rethinking Science

  • Skin Science: Advances in molecular biology; Epigenetics; Skin microbiome; Exposome; -omics; Breakthrough mechanisms of action; Next generation of skin, mucosa and oral care ingredients.
  • Hair science: Hair follicle biology; Hair growth; Insights into hair fiber structure; Scalp care; Next generation of hair care ingredients.
  • Science in testing: Molecular and Clinical testing for Claim Substantiation; New skin technologies for efficacy testing (3D bioprinting, skin models).