Full Paper Guidelines

  • Papers should describe an original scientific work and must not have been previously published, submitted for publication nor submitted to any other conference, irrespective of language. Likewise, it cannot be submitted to any another journal or conference until after the celebration of the 33rd IFSCC Congress on September 4th-7th.
  • General format:
    – Papers must be submitted in English and should not exceed 5000 words from the introduction to the conclusion. Papers must be submitted in pdf format.
    – The paper should be typed using Arial font and using double spacing throughout the entire paper. Keep font size as in the template provided.
    – Tables, figures and charts may be included but should be kept under 10.
    – All tables and figures should be numbered consecutively as they appear in the manuscript text.- Tables are to use Roman numerals (I/II/III). Tables are written with a capital throughout the text. Captions should always be included for all tables where appropriate.
    – All figures are to be labeled with Arabic numerals (1/2/3).

  • Papers containing data obtained from animal testing will not be considered for the scientific program of the congress. Any research involving human subjects, materials or data must conform to the ethical principles for medical research as stated in the Declaration of Helsinki, if applicable, or at least have been approved by the local ethics committee. All papers based on such research must include a statement to the effect that all subjects had given their informed consent to participate.
  • The use of company names or generic trade names, trademarks, or other commercial reference is prohibited. All common chemicals or commercial chemical derivatives must be referred to by their chemically generic, U.S.P., N.F. or I.N.C.I. designated names. If a material is not listed in any of the above sources of chemical references and a proprietary or trade name must be cited in the manuscript, then the name of the manufacturer, address and general chemical composition or structural composition must be described or provided as a footnote.
  • Units of Measure: all units are to be expressed in the Metric or SI (International System of Units) form.
  • Papers must use the provided template and include the following sections:
    – Title of the article
    – Authors names and affiliations
    – Abstract
    – Keywords
    – Introduction
    – Materials and Methods
    – Results
    – Discussion
    – Conclusion
    – Acknowledgments
    – Conflict of Interest Statement
    – References

Paper Template